Visit the power of human imagination, see the grandeur of
visionary dreams,
follow me into the realms of fantasy, enjoy some of the most fascinating paintings this side of reality.

The sources to the paintings presented here were the most effective powers of human creativity: DREAMS.

Since more than 20 years I have been following this fascinating path, exploring the imaginative power of visionary dreams in my art. I created more han 1,100 paintings that were shown in numerous international exhibitions, books and magazines, slide shows and panels.

Recent publications include works for Eidos Interactive (Germany), Planetarium Stuttgart, Star Observer Magazine (Vienna), Alien Contact (Berlin) etc.

My efforts were rewarded in spring 2000 by the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge with the award "2000 outstanding artists and designers of the 20th century" - artistic medium: Visionary Dreams and in summer by the American Biographical Institute with the "20th Century Achievment Award"

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